Daniel Mihalina is an award-winning commercial and music video director known for his work with such artists as Calvin Jones, Will White (Propellerheads), Timati, DJ M.E.G., Louis Franck, as well as Blüthner, Specialized, FOX and a variety of other American and European brands.

In addition to filmmaking, Daniel's major areas of interest include spiritual growth, rising of the consciousness, metaphysics, esotericism, meditation, yoga, exploration of a higher truths and the true nature of this reality, alternative history and archaeology, environmentalism, ecotechnologies, decentralized blockchain-based internet and finance, alternative medicine, biochemistry, homotoxicology, purification of body mind and consciousness.

изображение в центре параграфа

Early in his life, Daniel developed an affinity for music, art, and film. As a teenager, he played bass guitar in a number of Ukrainian rock bands. Before long, Daniel began to compose his own music. A few years later he also created and produced dramatic live musical shows, some of which garnered international recognition. Among these was a very successful Pink Floyd tribute, as well as concerts in honor of Roger Waters.

2012 introduced the transition from music to directing. This was marked by intensive on-set study and involvement in creating numerous feature films, documentaries, commercials and music videos. He also gained valuable experience by visiting various major Hollywood production sets in Europe. Daniel quickly excelled and his directing career was successfully launched. His work ethic and background have earned him respect from well-known clients. Daniel’s ability to understand a client’s request and transform it into vision stems from his own creative experience.


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Медвежонок Бумби
Подарите своему ребенку
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TOP Spirulina - Organic source
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Metra grain cleaners
Technical features

Nanoprotech - Bicycle anticor

Blüthner - Model 2

ADS-CDC grain cleaner

Aim In Sight - Without You
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Calvin Jones
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Natalia Kramer
Interior design portfolio

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