Daniel Mihalina is a commercial and music video director. His work has helped enhance the images of such artists as Calvin Jones, Timati, DJ M.E.G., Louis Franck and Propellerheads, as well as Blüthner and a variety of other American and European commercial clients.

Early in his life, Daniel developed an affinity for music, art, and film. Extreme downhill mountain biking and rock music flowed through the veins of his youth. As a teenager he joined a local band in need of a bass guitarist and at that point, the music took over. From darkened garages and basements, this band evolved into performing in front of large crowds. Before long, Daniel began to compose his own music. A few years later he also created and produced dramatic live musical shows, some of which garnered international recognition. 2012 introduced the beginning of a more serious transition from music to directing. This was marked by intensive on-set study and involvement in creating numerous feature films, documentaries, commercials and music videos. Daniel quickly excelled and his directing career was successfully launched. His work ethic and background have earned him respect from well-known clients. Daniel’s ability to understand a client’s request and transform it into vision stems from his own creative experience.



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